A Very Me Drawing

It was the Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday and I got really excited when I finished my work hours earlier than I thought I would. I wasn’t that sleepy and when I felt a wave of creativity inside of me, I decided to ride it.

Drew and colored this drawing of me on my laptop with a cup and thermos of hot tea. And even a little plate of mooncake. Yes, this really is my casual indoor wear.


The sketch.

The sketch.

  1. Hello there, Melodie, one of my blogs is a collaborative project on self portraits:
    I wonder if you would give me permission to include some of yours there?
    Credit given, a link back to your post and I’ll let you know when I post anything. 🙂

    • Thanks Ashley! Again, rad project. I can’t wait to see more submissions.

      • Im glad you like it. I have a couple more of yours drafted. 🙂

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