#OtherPeople: Drawings of Arun (@arvndnc) [Updated]

Thank you to Arun from my writing group for letting me do an impromptu photo sesh with you when we met up for coffee on Sunday.

Arun was really fun to illustrate! I never attempted to draw anyone with hair as curly as his so that was an interesting process. He was also a great model — I think he’s used to being someone’s muse — who barely flinched and even played along when he heard/saw me snapping away hazy iPhone pics.




I drew him using a lead pencil then scanned in his sketch. I fixed up a few strange parts of the drawing on Adobe Photoshop Elements, like adjusting his mouth line and shrinking his right eye pupil. I also colored it a bit using this method.

UPDATED. Colored the first one much like the rest.


More under the cut.

Something that only interests me: a ‘gram of the initial sketch when I was drawing late at night, eating Pocky. You can see how much of his lip lines I erased digitally.

Follow me at @mldmiu.

Follow me at @mldmiu.

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