Yay Mike Le! DARK SUMMER Trailer and Fanart

I’m so happy for Mike Le and his many successes. Here’s a few of his accomplishments so far:

Daniel Austin. (DARK SUMMER)

Daniel Austin. (DARK SUMMER)

      -Sold three scripts last year alone.

      -One of which, his action-thriller script, PATIENT ZERO, was sold within 6 days during a bidding war to Screen Gems.

      This guyyy.

      This guyyy.

      -Talented young actors including Keir Gilchrist (United States of Tara), Grace Phipps (Teen Beach Movie), Stella Maeve (The Runaways), and Maestro Harrell (Suburgatory) as well as the prolific Peter Stormare were cast into his ghost horror film, DARK SUMMER. Directed by horror film darling, Paul Solet.

      -Wrote the first draft for PATIENT ZERO while on the production set of DARK SUMMER, more than a year ago.

      DARK SUMMER got picked up by IFC Midnight.

      -Stefan Ruzowitzky, who won the 2008 Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar for The Counterfeiters, is set to direct PATIENT ZERO.

      -British actors and fan favorites, Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) and Matt Smith (Doctor Who), have officially been cast into PATIENT ZERO.

      -He continues to tirelessly write numerous screenplays for both TV and film. His compelling storytelling has never been better and he has lots of exciting projects on the way.

Mona Wilson. (DARK SUMMER)

Mona Wilson. (DARK SUMMER)

And now the trailer for DARK SUMMER has been released yesterday (video below)! The film will premiere in the United States on Jan. 9, 2015. Mark your calendars!!!


I gave him a DARK SUMMER-related painting as a Christmas/anniversary present that I wasn’t able to show for over a year because of spoilers.

It’s a rendering of an underwater kiss between the actors Gilchrist and Maeve. Done with acrylic paint and markers.



EDIT. The new DARK SUMMER poster and social media banner has just been released!



EDIT. Here’s another new social media banner.



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