3D Paper Sculptures

(Are you serious, WordPress? This is my 100th post? Whoa, man)

I made these 3D paper sculptures for my advanced painting class earlier this semester. Pretty sure this was our first project in which we had to create and repeat our own three shapes throughout.

While they’re primarily made of cut-out construction paper Scotch- and blue-taped together and held up with L and push pins, they’re still in reference to the elements of painting.


The yellow triangles are probably the most stable piece of the collection. I cut out random triangles from yellow construction paper then Scotch-taped the hell out of it, which took about three Buffy episodes for me to finish.


With the white triangles, I was expanding on the concept of the triangle shapes I experimented with a few years back in my sculpture class.


I was kind of sad no one seemed to like this big ol’ piece. It’s pretty damn intricate if I do say so myself and held the blue-white-black-yellow color scheme together with the other paper sculptures.

It was a mish-mash of all the other techniques and concepts I worked with during this project: taped joints hidden by acrylic paint, repeating geometric shapes, and three-dimensional spaces.


I had an idea of creating interconnecting straight, long true and light blue rectangles together but after I took the pile out of the bag at the beginning of class, the delicate paper sort of collapsed onto itself. So I just hung it up on the corner as is which turned into a happy accident; it became almost everyone’s favorite to look at.

I painted over the Scotch and blue painter’s tape on the ‘joints’ with varying shades of blue acrylic paint.


I love experimenting with pixels, which was how the various-sized black squares came to be. I wish I taped it more to retain the edges but I quite like the curling effect.

It’s held together with blue painter’s tape which I hid and textured the surface with black acrylic paint.


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