#KTOWN Memes for Season 2 Episode 5 of @KTownRealityTV

The most intense, controversial episode of the K-TOWN Reality Show just came out today as a belated Christmas present for the viewers, old and new.

SUMMARY: “This group is freaking hopeless.” – Young

      After being pulled out of a cat fight with Violet, Jessica gives Joe an ultimatum — he has to either choose her or his friendship with Jowe — but Joe is unable to give her a straight answer. Their intense arguing lights a fire to the tensions within the cast. Steve attempts to salvage Young’s bachelor party until Jasmine accuses him of kissing another girl at the bar behind Christine’s back. Frustrated at his friends’ inability to get along, Young threatens to walk out and cancel the wedding.

If you didn’t already know, Violet Kim has started hosting the “Hungry In…” series for CitySearch and the Hungry Channel on Youtube. She’s a natural at it, especially partnered up with her “hubby” Janice.

Her next episode features her boyfriend Blair and comes out soon!

Also, looks like the newest cast member Christine Chang will be starting up a new Youtube channel for DIY Tutorials. Here’s the first of many videos to come where she makes a bedazzled hair bow.

She also appears in Jasmine Chang’s new hair tutorial just in time for New Years Eve.

Remember to subscribe to the LOUD Channel. New episodes come out every Wednesday at 7am PST.

We’re only two episodes away from completing Season 2, the wildest season of K-TOWN yet.

Like every week, here are the episode memes made by yours truly:




Re-do! Apparently it's supposed to be "for the worse," not "worst." #themoreyouknow

Re-do! Apparently it’s supposed to be “for the worse,” not “worst.” #themoreyouknow



This was based off a funny fan comment. Unfortunately, it's been buried under all the new Youtube responses so I can't properly credit them.

This was based off a funny fan comment. Unfortunately, it’s been buried under all the new Youtube responses so I can’t properly credit them.




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