Christmas Gift Idea: A Customized #30ROCK Throw Pillow

It’s that time again for gift exchanging! This year, Mike and I have both been so busy that we couldn’t really decide on what to get each other. So we made a deal to buy each other some clothes and be done with it.

But I lied to Mike, haha. For a while now, I had this idea in my head of customizing the exact throw pillow from one of our most favorite shows 30 ROCK. I thought it might look cool in his living room or the back seat of his car.

In Season 5 Episode 6 “Gentlemen’s Intermission,” Jack Donaghy had scolded his assistant Jonathan for not being ambitious enough to be his mentee and then pointed out his throw pillow with the embroidered quote: “Ambition is the willingness to kill the things you love and eat them to stay alive.”

Screenshot of the throw pillow from the 30 ROCK season 5 episode 6 “Gentlemen’s Intermission.”

Color me shocked when I found out they weren’t already selling them on the NBC online store!

So I used the printing website CafePress to make the pillow. While the design options on CafePress are few (you’re limited to only a 11″ by 11″ space on the 18″ by 18″ square), it was still a bargain compared to other printing websites that would have charged nearly $80 for a friggin’ custom pillow.

I played around with the design on Photoshop Elements 8, which Mike got me last year. Because the background color is limited to black or white, I had to change the original design color from dark brown to black.

The font is called Savoye LET and I made sure it matched exactly like the one on the 30 ROCK throw pillow.

As it shows up on CafePress as a preview.

And it arrived 7-10 days later. Voila.

Came stuffed in a box.

Came stuffed in a box.

OMG, so soft and poofy.

OMG, so soft and poofy.

The border is a little thicker than I’d like. But overall, it looks really amazing.

P.S. He liked it.

  1. Judi said:

    Love this and want to order one for my daughter. I don’t have access to that font, however. Wondering if you would share your design?

    • The instructions and all the information, including the font name, are on the post itself.

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