#KTOWN Memes for Season 2 Episode 3 of @KTownRealityTV

Episode 3 of Season 2 of the K-Town Reality Show is out!

Please watch “Friendly Fire” now:

SUMMARY: “Who needs enemies when I’ve got friends like you?” – Scarlet

      Annoyed about Steve making out with her sister Christine, Jasmine directs her anger at her BFF Scarlet for getting into her business. A string of conflicts is set off and reveals the ongoing beef between Scarlet and Violet. The next day, Jasmine brings the girls to the gun range to fire off some rounds as a hangover cure. Scarlet and Jasmine go out for some dim sum while the guys enjoy a round of beer bong and Korean BBQ. Steve starts seeing red when Christine and Jowe begin flirting with each other.

This week also brings a vlog from K-Town cast member Christine Chang responds to all of the comments about Jasmine’s reaction to Steve kissing her sister.

Remember new episodes come out every Wednesday at 7am PST only on the LOUD Channel on Youtube, so subscribe now for weekly updates!

Here are this week’s memes, done by yours truly.









This one was untouched but I just loved how that screenshot looked.

This one was untouched but I just loved how that screenshot looked.




P.S. Here’s another.


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