Countdown Memes for the Premiere of @KTownRealityTV Season 2! #KTOWN

The trailer for Season 2 of K-TOWN is out!

And OMG, the K-Town does Gangnam Style!

A little something extra for the fans. (:

I was asked to make some memes to count down the 7 days until the premiere of Season 2 of the K-TOWN Reality Show (yayyyy!!!!). One would be posted every day for a week on the Facebook fanpage to the chills and thrills of many.

It was quite fun reading the comments of fans trying to discern what’s happening in the images.

The font I used is called “nevis” and can be downloaded for free here. It’s the closest thing to the awesome font used in the Obama presidential campaign.








New episodes of K-TOWN Season 2 air every Wednesday starting November 28th at 7am PST. Watch the premiere episode here.

It’s only on the LOUD Channel on Youtube so please subscribe now to get your weekly dose of K-Town!

See the memes of Season 2 Episode 1 here.


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