Two Birthday Cards for My Friends

I made these back in early November and am just now uploading this post so I can give my friends their birthday cards without them finding out too soon.

Supplies: Two Sharpie pens and scissors.

Supplies: Some Tri-Nib manga marker pens, a substitute brand for Copic Markers.

I started drawing out some letters, crowns and cartoon versions of my friends Cindy and Christina. I drew Cindy a few times before settling on this pose.

But I chucked it out after I made her skin a lot darker than it should’ve been. ): At least I had a back up drawing I did earlier.

Next, I cut out everything and used an acrylic matte medium to paste the drawings on a poster board.

Here’s Christina prancing about. (:

I thought there was something missing so I drew, colored, cut out and pasted some balloons in the empty background.

Done! After that, I’ll get all of our mutual friends to write in their messages. Happy Birthday, Cindy and Christina!

NOTE: Please don’t be a jerk who’d use other people’s illustrations without permission.

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