#KTOWN Memes for Season Finale of @KTownRealityTV

It’s the tenth episode and also the season finale to the first season of K-TOWN. It’s been an amazing ride and my eyes got a little teary when the credits rolled around.

But I can’t imagine the euphoria Mike and his fellow producers Eddie and Eugene must be feeling after two long years of hard work put into it.

Filming for season two is starting this week and I can’t believe I’ll have to miss it because of school. Damn you film history midterm! At least I’ll have Mid-November to look forward to when the premiere arrives.

Watch it now if you haven’t already:

SUMMARY: The season finale. Joe and Steve’s friendship is on the brink of collapse. Scarlet and Jasmine try to get them to settle down and talk it out — but not until both men put aside their pride.

And here are this week’s memes. I’m a little sad I won’t be making any more of them until probably Thanksgiving.

Scarlet’s commentary during the brawl was ridonkulous.


Even Cammy the sweetheart poked fun at his use of “abhor” on Facebook.

Untouched. Girly pose! Cutesy face!

The guys putting on eyelashes is my favorite scene right after the guys having to take them off.

I’ll love to go to a sticker photo booth with these guys.

As always, Scarlet turns even the most boring recollection into something outrageous.

I didn’t get to watch the new rough cut of Episode 10 before it aired so the added sticker features were such a great surprise.

Look! Look! Look, everyone! My name is in the credits! I didn’t make up my experience after all! It’s all real!

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