#KTOWN Memes for Episode 9 of @KTownRealityTV

Catch K-TOWN’s Episode 9: The Night of Chaos now!

SUMMARY: Violet wants to be back with Jowe but his mixed signals leave their future uncertain. The cast reels over Joe’s mistreatment of them — especially Steve, who became the brunt of all Joe’s frustrations. Things escalate even further during the group dinner when Steve and Joe get into a fist fight inside a karaoke room.

Also, don’t forget this week’s bonus episode! It’s K-Town Downtime: Starcraft!

SUMMARY: For all you people complaining there isn’t enough Starcraft in our show. By popular demand, K-Town’s Steve gives the viewers a glimpse into a night of downtime in K-Town!

And as always, here are my memes:

Young’s impersonation of Steve’s bad dancing is perfect.

Steve’s story about moving back home to care for his mom warmed the hearts of many K-TOWN fans.

Young didn’t speak a whole lot during the Pho 4000 scene but when he did, his words were gems.

Scarlet says “ew” whenever she is impressed or grossed out by something.

If you were watching closely, even Young’s expressions were hilarious.

Anyone wanna join?


I feel like many young women will be quoting Scarlet fairly soon.

Many fans have pointed out how scared they got when Steve had his explosive anger.

Now it’s all about the Bonus Episodes! The show opening was changed for the eagle-eyed fans. (:

Studying and Starcraft.

And check out what’s happening Next Week on K-TOWN! Instagram and Texting!

I can’t believe there’s only one more episode left of season one. ):


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