I’m the Official Birthday Card Maker in My Family

It’s not a bad thing! But I’ve realized, since I was at least five years old, that everyone in my family relies on the artist (me) to quickly whip up a birthday card.

This is for my dad. He’s really into hiking and Apple products so I added both elements into his card.

He’s actually right-handed but it was only after I was halfway through with lining it with a Sharpie pen did I notice the mistake.

It’ll be colored when I have more time.

EDIT. My dad scanned it for everyone to see:

Don’t be that jerk who’d use other people’s artworks without permission.

Reposted on his blog Man’ority Report:

“Ever since my daughter…was old enough to hold a crayon, I have been getting the same sweet present from her every year and this morning is no different (thank you for the hair). This time she captures my two recent passion: gadgets and travel. In fact, the funest part of travelling for me is the technology, how I make use of the tools and what I carry to make the best of the experience. And it is interesting to see the iPhone now becoming the single tool that I need. I still pack my Macbook Air but that’s only because of +Man’ority Report. The rest I can do almost exclusively with the following apps: +TripAdvisor, Yelp, +Hipmunk, Tripit, +Airbnb, +Evernote, FlightTrack, AllTrails and Camera+.”

Happy Birthday, Baba!

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