#KTOWN Memes for Episode 8 of @KTownRealityTV

Episode 8: Showtime at Belasco is out, yay! Our biggest episode yet.

SUMMARY: Saturday night at Belasco is a grand success but not without some bumps in the road. Tensions grow between Steve and Joe. Joe can’t stand Steve’s drinking and Steve is upset at Joe for ordering him around. In all her excitement of being up on stage, Scarlet falls on her face when she attempts to crowd surf. With guest appearance from singer/actor Tyrese.

There were 9 cameras recording at the same time. It was the hardest day of production for me because I wasn’t able to see almost all of the action that happened that night. So I didn’t get to see Scarlet face-planting the stage, Joe arguing with Scarlet, the cast setting up Belasco, Tyrese making his cameo (though he did say “hi” at me when he passed by) or Young performing his audition routine.

After almost 10 hours of being stuck in the tiny vanity room (downstairs) just offloading footage and checking my phone for reception, Mike came down and brought me up to the VIP skybox. Can’t believe I’m about to admit this but: as I looked down at the sea of happy partiers, flashing lights and showers of confetti with Mike’s arms around me, I teared up a little bit. The whole K-Town experience that week had been extremely overwhelming and I couldn’t believe I was a part of it.

Since I’ve started school, I really missed being in the editing suite, sharing my ideas and being in the middle of all the crazy. I mournfully tell Mike this every night. I truly believe I might well up again once the last and tenth K-TOWN episode ends.

I do what I can for the crew and producers, whether that’s email correspondance or making memes for the K-Town Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of which, here are some awesome memes for Episode 8!

There was a soft flutter in all our hearts when Jowe and Scarlet decided to put aside their differences that Saturday night.

She did a great impression of the crowd before she crowd-surfed.

I don’t think I’m the only one who thought this but Steve is so articulate when he’s running on rage.


I really adored this still image of Violet being a bartending badass.

Scarlet falling on her face and not giving a damn was. the. best. thing. ever.

Surprisingly, this line was one of the most quoted in the comment section haha.

I’m so proud of you, Young!

Probably the cutest meme I’ve made this week.

Joe when he’s at his limit.

I liked that his suit slightly glowed after the episode was colortimed. 🙂

This still image of Joe on stage was quite fantastic.

Did anyone you catch the Bonus Episode? Click on this image to see it now!


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