#KTOWN Memes for Episode 7 of @KTownRealityTV

Episode 7 of K-TOWN has arrived on Wednesday!

SUMMARY: With only a few hours before the club opening, Joe is tenser than ever. He needs Saturday night at Belasco to go well or else he’s out of a job. His temper comes to a boiling point when Scarlet pokes fun at him for the last time.

AND there’s a bonus episode!

SUMMARY: We have something special this week! There have been lots of Youtube comments from people complaining about how K-TOWN only shows Asians partying and drinking, and not doing respectable things like studying. Well, you asked for it! We present to you the K-TOWN BONUS EPISODE where Jasmine shows us the “real K-Town.”

Here are some memes I made:

As evidenced by Jowe, Young and Steve!

Young and his silly dancing.


Who knew?

How did I get into this?

K-TOWN’s more pleasant version of The Human Centipede.

Did you catch Cammy and Steve adorably dancing about?

I don’t blame Joe for blowing up. Every club promoter who has watched this episode will sympathize with him.

Violet’s stare was the best part.

Untouched. “Instagrammmmmm!”

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