#KTOWN Memes for Episode 6 of @KTownRealityTV

I bring you this week’s K-TOWN memes for Episode 6! As always, I make a lot of them so only a few special ones make it onto the Facebook page.

Jasmine’s hangover cure! The taste is quite interesting.

People have been quoting Steve left and right. He’s a definite fan favorite.


Joe’s most photogenic scene during what is considered the show’s first “aww” moment and our most pleasant #shitcastmembersays.

A quick, subtle editing joke for the fans.

Scarlet is the best shit-talker in the world.

I wasn’t in the karaoke room when this scene was filmed so my jaw dropped to the floor after watching the raw footage and I had the biggest laugh of my life.

Poor Young is having a terrible week. He missed his audition, got ditched at his bachelor party, got his fiance angry and now Jowe keeps flashing him.

Everyone in the comments section keeps giving Scarlet a hard time about this. Um hello, we’ve all had a brain fart before.

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