PHOTOS: Some Post-It Art

A rather unflattering, bloated photo of me, but whatever.

We’re making some parody videos for the K-TOWN Reality Show, including a “K-TOWN 101” on some slang and phrases you’ll hear in Koreatown.

At the last minute, Mike suggested I make a fun title sequence with Post-It notes. So with the help of the A.D. Morrow, executive producer Eddie and lead editor Jerry, we assembled it in a few hours time.

We then disassembled it for the video by taking photos every time we took away about five Post-It notes until all is left was a bare dry erase board. So when it’s played backwards, it looks like a cute stop-motion clip.

I’m not new to using Post-It notes to make pixelated images before (though this was the first time I wrote out words with them):

My first year in college was during the 2008 election. “Voting No on Prop 8” was all anyone could talk about on campus, so I made this. The pink triangle (upside down) is a reclaimed symbol that stands for gay rights and the gay pride movement.

It was right above my dorm bed.

In my sophomore year, I assembled a giant Post-It tulip inspired by the flowers in Super Mario.

In my first dorm room before I moved out of it in my third college year, I made a rainbow…because I’m really into rainbows. This was taken before I could buy more green Post-Its.

You can see the finished image in the background. This photo can be found on the sidebar of this blog along with two others.

EDIT. I’m going back to school again in two weeks. So depending on how time I have and how many Post-Its in my dwindling collection there still are, I’d love to make another Post-It image for my room.

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