DIY: Making My Cousin’s Graduation Card

My cousin is graduating high school and heading off to college in the Fall! I’m so proud of her and decided to make her a graduation card, the night before the ceremony.

I’m so sleepy right now…

Painted a 11″ x 14″ poster board with bright yellow acrylic paint. Then started on the flowers.

Some main flowers coming to shape.

Added the smaller flowers.

As the paint was drying, I took some green Post-its and drew the congratulatory words with a Sharpie pen and color pencils.

When they were done, I outlined each flower with a thicker, black Sharpie pen.

Added some cute patterns on the inside of the letters.

Cut out each letter with a pair of scissors. I was not very neat.

Brought out my Acrylic Matte Medium and another brush. My favorite substitute for glue.

Painted the backs of each letter, pasted it on the poster board and then painted it over again until it stuck.

Carefully lined each letter so they would fit perfectly.

The card will have every family member’s signature and note for the newest graduate. I put down mine first.

Only Interesting to Me: my paint palette and dirty, dirty brushes.


Everyone in the family signed it. My littler cousin started writing on the back, some cute things, some mean things.


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