Something Old: Drawings and Sketches from Basic Composition

Drawings and sketches from the Basic Composition class I took in my first year of college.

Shell drawing.

Blind contour of my hands and feet.

Sketching drapery.

Drapery Project. Still incomplete.

Gave it some shadow.

The start of the Shell Drawing Project.

Experimented with ink wash. Reminded me of a rose.

Put in more darker colors, gave it a realistic feel and pop.

Starting on the Old Masterpiece Project.

I’m sad to say I do not remember the old artist whose art I was copying.

Finished with ink wash. If you didn’t already know, this image is my Twitter background!

For my final project, I drew self portraits of myself wearing headphones with a play on my name and the word “melody.”

My favorite one and my class’s too. Charcoal and ink wash.

Please don’t use any of my images without permission.

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