K-TOWN’s Coming: Here’s How You Can Support the Show #ktown

As I’ve posted on my dad’s blog Man’ority Report, the K-TOWN Reality Show is almost here!

Mike’s flying the RedEye tonight to New York to make a huuugggeeee announcement the following day about the show with his producing partner and actor/singer Tyrese Gibson. It’s actually his first time there; the sleepless city he often fantasized about, where action movies have destroyed numerous times and Woody Allen have made his films.

The last month was the most hectic and thrilling experience of my life and I’m so happy that two long years of hard work will finally come true for him and his fellow producers Eugene Choi and Eddie Kim. Everyone involved has been amazing and you’ll quickly fall in love with this very sexy and vibrant cast.

If you’ve got Facebook, catch the big news later today by “liking” the fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ktownrealityshow

OR follow them on Twitter @KTownRealityTV.

Here are some photos from the film shoot:

From left: Scarlet, Violet and Jasmine chatting it up at Beer Belly.

From left: Joe, Young and Steve looking hard at a kickboxing gym.

The cast setting up Soju Bombs at the Gaam Noraebang karaoke bar.

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