Something Old: The Comics I Drew for My College Paper @thecampanil

I published three comic strips during my time as an editor on The Campanil. I drew them out on printer paper with a ruler, scanned them in then added font and brushed everything up on Photoshop.

I didn’t have anything written beforehand and just drew it out while reciting lines to myself.

I drew the first strip after Mike, who was not my boyfriend at the time, emailed me saying he liked my article about the K-Town Reality Show that he was producing (It’s actually how we first met). So outside of that sphere, I was completely bewildered by the fact that anyone involved in Hollywood admired something I had written.

I had to capture the many complex emotions running through me at that time in the only way I knew best.

(Click to see the full images)

I have had bad skin for the longest time and wanted to get all my thoughts and frustrations about it out in illustrative form.

There’s a joke about the “Mills College bubble” at my school that is all too true. This was a small feminist comic strip that resonated with quite a few classmates.

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