DIY: Skull Cut-out, Off-Shoulder T-Shirt

I was watching my new guilty pleasure, Fashion Star, and had an urge to do some styling. Although I was limited by my lack of sewing skills, fortunately the internet is blessed with easy DIY T-shirt designs that could be done with a pair of scissors.

I was very intrigued by the skull cut-out and decided to reuse an old shirt to do just that.

Here are all the Google searches for “skull cut-out”:

I put a piece of paper inside to show you the skull cut-out.

I sketched out the skull on the back of the shirt with a white color pencil; making sure the eyes, nose and toothy smile were the right size in the right place.

Don’t worry about the lines not being clean enough, it gives the skull a more jagged, casual edge.

I had a ton of trouble with just a regular pair of scissors so if you have fabric shears, you’re in luck.

Tools: scissors and a white color pencil.

I wore it and thought it was missing something so I decided to make the T-shirt off-shoulder.

This is the video tutorial by the Youtuber CaraAmelie on how to do so:

And here’s a picture that’s only interesting to me:

All the fabric scraps.

  1. Jessica said:

    cool idea! love it!

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