Photos from the K-TOWN Set #ktown

I’ve been a pretty busy girl. If you haven’t already seen them on my Twitter, here are photos from the set of the K-Town reality show.

The big crew dinner at Moodaepo II before location scouting.

First day as a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician). Had Jerry’s laptop set up for offloading footage.

I got my own walkie-talkie! Took me a lot longer than I’m willing to admit to learn how to use it.

Second day of shooting. Our girls beautiful and camera-ready.

From the karaoke room.

Still setting up.

Filming at Yi Ssi Haw Ro. On empty stomachs, all we could smell was Korean BBQ.

After filming yet another dining scene, I ran over there with the other crew members and our forks to dig in.

In the production room in the basement of The Belasco Nightclub. Had my DIT table set up.

Cast member Young in a moment with God before performing on stage.

Post-production begins! Spent a week reviewing all the footage with Mike and Jerry.

Eddie, the producer, fast asleep.

A late night meeting at the office.

I drew a soju bottle and shot glasses on the erase board.

Watching the height-gifted put up plastic sheets to block out the sunlight for another shoot.

Speeding! Mike is in his producer’s chair, interviewing.

After 16 hours of straight shooting, we tiredly packed everything up.

The most amazing crew and cast ever. (Taken by Cammy Chung)

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