FLMBIZ and Sausages

More posts about me working as a production assistant (P.A.) that I’ve posted on Man’ority Report.

MARCH 23, 2012

No real update on my part. Just a snapshot of the car that drove past us, reminding everybody how super Hollywood this place can get.

MARCH 27, 2012

I started watching Mike’s first produced show FIRST IN, a BET reality series about the country’s busiest fire department in the notorious city of Compton led by the youngest battalion chief. Mike hasn’t always been there on location but the hours of footage he had to go through were some of the most gruesome and strangest things he’s ever seen. Such events included an old, handicapped man whose colostomy bag exploded and a guy high on meth getting punched out by a cop when he ran to attack the firefighters. The first episode was of a drive-by shooting that killed a young man who wasn’t gang-affiliated and his girlfriend arrived on the scene hysterical over his body. I asked Mike to pause it. “Wait, her face wasn’t blurred.” Mike: “Yeah.” Me: “So some P.A. (production assistant) went up to her as she was crying and asked her to sign a release form to show her face?” Mike: “Which is exactly what you’ll have to do.” Me: “OMG! Okay, okay, I get why it needs to be done but what could you say to get her to calm down enough to give a signature? I mean, it would’ve been my first time seeing a dead body too! And it was her boyfriend’s!” Mike: “You would have to tell her this show is about the Compton Fire Department, how they always see this happen and there’s a story to be told. If she signed this form, she could let the world know how horrible these deaths are and her boyfriend’s story wouldn’t be forgotten.” Me: “You guys are geniuses. Evil geniuses.”

During one of our breaks, Mike and I roasted sausages in his backyard.

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