Something Old: Various projects from my college sculpture class

I’m in the sharing mood so here are some photos of old sculpture projects I did back in college. You can tell it was my favorite class.

Please don’t use any of these photos without my permission.

We worked with clay to make conceptual objects that would look interesting on all sides. No tools.

We twisted chicken wire into an armature before the plaster was put on.

With plaster on. My professor liked how severe the arch was.

I Scotch taped a bunch of cardboard triangles together for the project using planes in order to create a sense of movement.

Before a classmate lent me her digital camera, I was using my iPhone camera and it created this incredible lighting. Looks like a watercolor painting, doesn't it?

These are pieces for the theme of "time" project. I cut and twisted chicken wire together to make blobs which I then Scotch taped and molded white-and-black colored clay all over. I let them dry overnight, then cut through three layers while it was still wet. The drying made some awesome cracks.

A really talented classmate told me she was surprised someone as shy as me could create pieces like these.

My professor was often worried about my progress because I struggled to interpret my ideas to her. She gave me the most pitying eyes when she saw me randomly hot-glueing sticks together. I honestly didn't know what I was doing when I started.

After a few hours of adding sticks to my module, it started to look better. This form was already good to go but I wanted to make it even bigger.

It became my biggest, most ambitious project in the class. It was a tumbleweed chaos made with the simplest materials.

Just a nice photo combo is all.

Please don’t use any of these photos without my permission.

  1. Claire Salzberg said:

    I love these pieces! Did you use plaster gauze over the chicken wire? Also, where did you get the sticks from? Claire

    • Thanks for the compliment! I didn’t use any gauze on the plaster and got the sticks from my school’s wood shop class.

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