COMIC: Skype and Sleep Schedules

This was inspired by a Skype conversation I had with Mike earlier tonight. I also wanted to make a comic just to color cartoon me with my new red hair.

It's currently 4 a.m. since I've uploaded this image. I think I'm back to being an owl. =\

Panel 1. (From left to right) MIKE: So, you’ve been sleeping on the regular schedule. That’s great!

2. ME: Not really, it’s not that exciting during the day. (Shrug)

3. ME: At night, I have to be super stealthy and tiptoe or else I would wake up my parents.

4. ME: There’s a crazy adrenaline rush I get in sneaking around and trying not to drop anything.

5. ME: I also really hate the surprise of getting blinded by sunshine in the day.

6. ME: Hello? Mike, you there? You’re breaking up! Oh nooooo!!!

I wrote my speech blurbs on the scrap paper underneath the comic.

Oh yeah, vanity time! Here’s a picture of my hair:

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