Something Old: Birthday Present for Mike

I gave my boyfriend Mike his birthday present a few months back but have only shared the photos on Facebook. I wanted to do something special and personal so I made most of what you see below.

I wrote a really long letter on the wrapping paper as a birthday card, specifying he had to open the other box first. Also, really nice thoughts I have of him.

After he reads the wrapping paper letter, he opens this box first.

I covered five sides of the wrapping paper with Angry Birds with a secret note at the bottom.

Also, pigs and the monkey from Angry Birds Rio!

I got this image from a T-shirt design.

He had to peel it very, very carefully in case of tearing.

His own View mug! =D

A little gift box fell out of the mug.

Opening the second box now.

Personalized business cards I Photoshopped! I ordered too many so there's about 500 of them he'll have to give away. The little box at first was a leather case that held about a dozen of them.

Sole membership to the Snob Club with his name and contact! He posted that polar bear image on my Facebook a while back when I teased him about being a snob so I used it. =)

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