My New Sketches for an Upcoming Project


I've been busy drawing the initial concepts of a project my boyfriend Mike will be working on. They're nuggets of ideas for a seductive, kick-ass female assassin character: what she might look like, etc. I took a lot of inspiration from comic artist J. Scott Campbell; Google images of “hot female assassins,” guns and Chinese weaponry; and Bond Girls. I was drawing things out of my element and took them as a great practice on figure-drawing and creating action scenes.

I didn’t realize how proud of them I was until I showed them to my mom. She’s been worried about me since I decided to take a break from college. I understand what she must have been feeling seeing me cooped up in my room all day and night, staring at the computer screen. It didn’t look like I was doing much.

But after she’d seen these, she’s been a lot more relaxed and enthusiastic about the artsy stuff I dream of doing. Makes me really glad I accepted Mike’s encouragement to get creative (Thanks again, sweetie).

My big sketchbook couldn’t fit into the scanner, haha, so I hope these iPhone photos will suffice:

First image I drew. I really love the curls of her hair.

^Yes, I know, it hardly looks like a gun. The pose came from this stock image.

You can tell how much I struggled with drawing her feet. Darn you, appendages!

My favorite one. I tried fixing her eyes a number of times but they never did come out well.

^The way her hand is holding the gun came from this screenshot of Emily Mortimer.

Action scene!

^I was influenced by this J. Scott Campbell image.

The spear is really a not-too-subtle phallic metaphor.


  1. Christina said:

    =D well drawn

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